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Ariel Anderssen
VIDEO: Bondage Driving Test Part One

Happy New Year! To celebrate, Restrained Elegance is proud to present the first installment of our new Restrained Elegance Nights long-term bondage story! Our first long-term bondage experiment was a totally stripped-down shoot, just one camera, Ariel and me. This time we wanted to keep the feeling but allowed ourselves a bit more flexibility with a second camera so we could shoot a few more closeups of the action. We also wanted a slightly different mood. The first one had been very dark and intense, and someone on the forum had wondered if we could do a 'long term love bondage video'. The brief I gave Ariel was for a very consensual and loving bondage story. Of course, Ariel being Ariel, it didn't quite turn out that way! It is 100% consensual, but as you will see from later episodes it gets pretty intense again! The storyline lent itself very well to me taking on a character a bit like a driving test examiner, and so we started calling it the 'Bondage Driving Test' But anyway, more of that later... for now, let's join Ariel as she submits herself for an examination by a master so that she can advertise herself on a masters-and-slaves website. She has been told a little of what will be in store, but first the examiner wishes to interview on her bondage fantasies, her aspirations, her dreams..

13.45 minutes (49.8 MB zip)

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