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Ariel Anderssen
VIDEO: Bondage Driving Test Part Six - The Bastinado

The Bondage Driving test was turning out to be marvellous fun. I'd hoped Hywel would come up with the concept for our consensual version of the Long Term Bondage project we'd shot earlier in the year, but when he said the demands of shooting every day had temporarily left him a bit empty of ideas, I came up with the 'Bondage Test' scenario in rather a rush (to stop him cancelling the shoot!). I was worried that the consensual nature of the story would make for a rather watered down video, but by the time we finished the elbow tie endurance test (with nipple clamps thrown in!) I realised I couldn't have been more wrong. This did NOT feel watered down! I hadn't realised that playing a willing submissive (espcially one with something to prove) actually made things tougher, because I became so determined to get good scores! Spurred on by having dealt with the nipple clamps, and having endured the elbow tie for more than quarter of an hour, I tried to prepare myself to cope with what I suspected was going to be a very painful experience indeed... What came next was a form of sadism which was entirely new to me. On one hand, it was comforting to know that I'd only receive the number of strokes I could bear to request, one by one. Which meant that I wouldn't have to deal with anything I actually couldn't stand. But I despirately wanted to do well and didn't know how many strokes would be accepted as a good score... As the 'examiner' tied me face down to the bed, I fixed the number 20 in my mind. I promised myself that I'd manage to take at least 20 strokes....

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