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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel Anderssen - Daydreams in the bath

She led a fairly cloistered existence, in the echoing empty house so lacking in laughter since the day her mother died. Her father was a model of consideration for her well-being, but still a stern and distant presence, absent on business far away in London more often than not. She had few friends, fewer still that could come to visit without it becoming a long expedition, and none at all who were men of marriageable age. Very concerned with propinquity and the correct. upbringing of a virgin daughter, her father permitted only female staff on the estate. She dreamed that her in her bath she was not a virgin daughter lost in the boredom of her father's secluded country estate. She was the fiery wife? No lover... more sinful, more exciting! of the desperately handsome and cruel Richard Byron. He had found her making eyes at the forester on the estate, and soon he would return from dismissing the man to deal with her!

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