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Ariel Anderssen
VIDEO: Ariel Positions

I've always fantasised about being a slave. The idea of living entirely for someone else's pleasure, being required to be completely obedient, being vulnerable to the cruellest of punishments for the smallest of offenses; but above all being OWNED by another person... Soooo hot, sooooooo unlikely to ever actually happen to me.... So I couldn't have been more delighted when I was given the opportunity to become the Restrained Elegance Resident slavegirl. Of course, I'll still have to go and do other work as well, and I won't be allowed to actually live at the studio - but while I'm here on the site and on the forum, I'll belong to Restrained Elegance and it's Members. Hooray! My first task was to help Hywel to create a lexicon of poses which a Restrained Elegance slavegirl must perfect. I thought this would be fairly easy; after all, I trained originally in ballet and gymnastics and I couldn't imagine Hywel creating any poses that would be more demanding than that was.... WRONG! The set of poses might look fairly simple (and, I hope, elegant) but I ached for days after the shoot. The beautiful high collar (which I wanted to wear forever) made the positions even more challenging, and trying to make everything perfect to as to avoid feeling the absolutely beautiful but hideously painful new whip, made my first day as Restrained Elegance Resident slavegirl anything but easy. PS Of course, since you're members of Restrained Elegance, I'm YOUR slavegirl now, so comments and suggestions on the forum are very welcome :)

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