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Ariel Anderssen
VIDEO: Ariel's - Slave Training Pt 5 - Dinner


Dinner time at Restrained Elegance is never normal. The first time I ate 'on screen' it was for the Long Term Bondage project, and I was forced to eat off the floor, without using my hands. Dinner in that same series found me tied to a dining chair, and finally used as a platter for dessert. So it was no surprise that on the first evening of my intensive slavegirl training, our meal was nothing like the relaxed, social occasion I'd have rather liked after a fairly traumatic day!

I was immensely grateful to discover that Hywel had not actually invited guests to the studio as he'd originally threatened. I'd spent the day panicking about possibly having to serve an invited audience of Restrained Elegance Members, while wearing nothing but my new collar. Sooooo hot in fantasy, soooo unbearably scary in real life!

However, I knew that this meal was a test of my initiative and desire to please, so I was determined to make a good effort to serve as elegantly and submissively as possible. I knew I was expected to serve the food off my body somehow; I wasn't sure how best to do it and was immensely embarrassed by the prospect. So posing on hands and knees and keeping my head down seemed like the least humiliating option. Fortunately I'd figured out that serving hot food directly off my naked body would be agonizing, so I felt rather proud of myself as I brought the (warmish) bitesize pieces of main course out, and arranged them carefully on my own back....

Being someone's dining table is physically very tough. Holding position is difficult anyway, especially when you're trying not to let pieces of chicken slide off the 'table-top'. Hywel, somewhat displeased by the lukewarm food and under-ambitious menu, tested my resolve further by tormenting me with the cocktail sticks I'd thoughtfully provided him with. What a difficult man to please!

He then decided to customize the posture of his 'table' which made the whole thing even more physically demanding, and a good deal more humiliating too. And then, just when I thought my evening might be drawing to a close, it turned out I'd made a serious mistake with dessert....



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