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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel - The Succubus

She had been locked in her tomb for all eternity, it seemed... until some fool broke the seal on the door of the crypt, and set her free to prey on the living once more!

For months now the men of the town had been falling victim to a strange wasting disease. One evening they would retire to bed, perhaps sleeping in a separate room from their wife or sweetheart because of a mild chill... and in the morning they would be found as wizened and drained shadows of their former selves. Some whispered that a vampire was at work... but Marc Helmandson knew better. This was the work of a foul seductress, a succubus of the night!

Bravely our hero sought her out, daring to bait the creature in her lair. He would bind her fast within her disturbed tomb so that she could come out no more, and prey no longer on the living...

Hywel's Note: This was the first set we shot at our tutorial on 2nd December with Ariel. The photographers were Nigel, M, Andrew and Svampen. The idea for the set was Ariel's (as was the wanton characterisation of the succubus character!)

We knew we wanted to use the Egyptian tomb set, and Ariel suggested the theme. I set up a series of variations on the basic lighting pattern before we finished up with this, the simplest lighting pattern you could think of. Just one light, to camera right, just above Ariel, and collimated with a 7 inch reflector and a honeycomb grid to produce an atmospheric circle of light with a soft fall-off. From some angles it looked like paparazzi photos (which Ariel loved!) while from others it could be used as a very dramatic side or back light. We experimented with adding hairlight and fill but it just diluted the impact, so we went with a single light. We played around with the aperture a bit to get a nice depth of field- we didnt want the background to compete with Ariel (so the f/22 shots were a bit over the top) but we didn't want to have to selectively focus on her all the time. Check out some of Svampen's early shots (the ones starting re7sv_) for some idea of the subtle differences we were playing with.

Thanks to Nigel for the lighting diagram, and thanks to all who participated in the tutorial for their enthusiasm and for their kind permission to show you their photos!

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