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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel - Can We Try Bondage?

The evening had drawn on, and after dinner she'd started to relax, snuggled on the sofa with her shoes off and a drink in her hand. He was a good host, as she'd thought he would be on their previous two dates (both at restaurants, she didn't like to rush things). In the soft light she found him more attractive than ever, and was pretty sure where things were headed. As she moved herself subtly closer to him, the conversation turned to sexual matters...

Could she tell him? She'd had boyfriends before, but had never sensed that they'd be interested in tying her up. She'd never, once, had the chance to try it, but it occupied her dreams and had filled her fantasies ever since she first started thinking about boys... She'd never mentioned it to anyone, but there was something about him, an assurance maybe, a directness in his manner; that made her hope that perhaps to him it wouldn't be an entirely unwelcome suggestion.

So when she broached the subject, giggling a little and leaving room to deny she was serious if necessary; she was thrilled when he nodded as though it was a perfectly sensible fantasy.

Then he told her to take off her clothes.

This was a bit of a shock. A minute ago everything had been cosy and comfortable, and she'd been rather expecting more of the same, perhaps with her hands tied while they kissed. Still, it was exciting to be watched so intently while she stripped (ohhh, why was she wearing such sensible panties?), and though it felt strange that he was still fully clothed, she suspected he'd be joining her shortly.

But now he was ordering her to kneel on the wood-block table in front of the sofa. Now she was bemused; but feeling the stirrings of arousal - oh, HOW she wanted to be tied up and used for his pleasure!

He drew his bag towards him and as he pulled a length of neatly coiled rope out, she realised with a thrill of what felt rather like fear, that he'd DONE THIS BEFORE. Had he known she wanted this? And worse, would he know how much was too much?


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