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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel Against the Ivy

This short set of Ariel against the Ivy was an experiment with a new (for us) lighting technique for outdoor shoots. We put a large diffusing panel over Ariel's head to diffuse the very harsh overhead lighting conditions, and filled the shadows in even more with a tiny bit of fill-in-flash to make sure there were nice catchlights in her eyes.

Unfortunately, two mishaps brought the set to a premature close- the wind got up, the diffuser panel damn near flew away (nearly taking Merlin with it) and Ariel caught her high heel on the cuffs when attempting a tricky legs-through-cuffs maneuver to get into some different poses. (That's what I get for letting her keep her shoes on, by the way- if she'd been barefoot it wouldn't have happened). With two simultaneous mishaps to contend with and the wind getting up, we decided the gods were telling us to get back indoors to the safety of the studio!

Our conclusion was that this way of lighting is cool, but hard to organise for bondage location shoots. You certainly need to tie the stands down very firmly. And confiscate Ariel's shoes!

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