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Ariel Anderssen
Bad Bill's Girl Collection

This was one of my favourite sets in Sweden but I'm afraid I honestly can't be sure how it came about. There were so many people involved in the Swedish shoot, and everyone was being so jolly creative, that it's sometimes a bit hard to unscramble where some of the ideas came from. But I'm pretty sure that Merlin (on his first location trip for RE, yay!) had a strong idea for shooting a story-line set about a girl trying to escape from an evil 'girl collector' and being re-captured. I'd seen a film years ago about pretty much exactly that scenario, so I jumped up and down a lot and asked to be the girl in Merlin's set. Thank you, Merlin!

I don't know why Bad Bill is collecting girls, but it's not for any altruistic reasons. I think that perhaps he's trying to form a modern-day harem. He picks up girls who appeal to him and incarcerates them in the cellar of his big, tumble-down country house. He's chosen Ariel because she looks pretty innocent, as though she won't be any trouble. But Ariel isn't overly keen on being part of Bill's girl-collection and makes a break for freedom while he's asleep....

Alas, Bill's used to members of his collection trying to give him the slip, and he's ready for her. (I wanted him to lasso her, but no-one knew how and Merlin wasn't prepared to spend the requisite time learning to wield a lasso and camera all together. Spoil-sport.) He pursues her through the rough woods surrounding his house, and re-captures her on the jetty, where she was hoping to escape by boat. When girls from his collection try to escape him, he doesn't agree with killing them or anything that drastic. He simply ties them up in an uncomfortable position and leaves them until they're begging to be let back into the house, away from the mosquitoes, bugs and worse things that lurk in this desolate patch of forest....

Bill's a reasonable kind of guy. But he doesn't like to be insulted by members of his collection.


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