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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel - Hasselblad-Wielding Burgler

Hywel had hired a new, higher definition camera for the day to see if he'd like to buy one. It's called a Hasselblad, and apparently it's very interesting. I'm afraid that I was a good deal more interested in the fact that this would be our first shoot at our new house, and it would be taking place in the only room I'd managed to fully decorate so far. It felt like a bit of a milestone really, because it'd be the first time I'd be photographed in bondage at Restrained Elegance's new home, and it'd be Hywel doing both the rigging and the photography. Sadly, the bondage had to wait for rather a long time. Hywel wanted to do a thorough comparison between his existing camera and the new one, so we shot test shots on both and went and looked at them on his computer. I certainly couldn't see a difference between the two, and was absolutely sure that once I was tied up it'd be much easier to compare them....

Our story was about a lady who was entertaining herself at home one afternoon, when she was surprised by a burgler who tied her up nice and securely in order to enable him to continue his burglery in peace. Amusingly, I had to be surprised by the 'burgler' over and over again, as we tried it first on the Canon, then the Hasselblad, then the Canon again. I decided I prefered the Hasselblad burgler, he scared me slightly more (which I'm sure is why Hywel decided to buy it in the end....) Eventually Mr Hasselblad tied me up, and then kindly gave Mr Canon a chance to look me over, before taking control again and gagging me. It really was a very fun afternoon. Though I really did dribble an awful lot through the gag, which didn't feel right on such very new bed-linen....


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