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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel - Hiding the Handcuffs

Thank you very much to Fogane, who gifted RE with these beautiful purple handcuffs. When the bluebells came out in our local park, it seemed like a good time to experiment with the new camera, the purple cuffs, and the ever-willing Restrained Elegance Slavegirl (that's me!). Now, the park has always seemed very quiet. We've hung around there lots, and have never seen anyone once we've drifted off the main paths.

Let me tell you though, that this all changes as soon as someone is locked into handcuffs. Suddenly the entire population of Berkshire seemed to descend on our quiet woodland glade. I hid my hands behind my back and bleated 'good afternoon' at a succession of suspicious looking walkers, and as soon as they'd disappeared we started shooting again, as fast as we possibly could (which isn't very fast when one is juggling a new camera, a large reflector, and a model who can't help with anything because her hands are locked behind her...)

It really did feel rather magical to be in the midst of the bluebells, shooting outdoor bondage, but just as I was reaching the stage of mild hypnosis that bondage tends to bring on, a female jogger bounded round the corner and was within a couple of metres of me before I could even blink stupidly at her. Since she'd obviously seen the handcuffs (I'd been pointing both them and my bottom right at her) it seemed important to make it very clear that I was here of my own volition, so I gave her a great big, silly smile (I'm sure you'll spot the picture) to reassure her that neither she nor I was in any danger from Hywel. And then I said 'sorry!'.

'That's ok' she muttered, speeding up even more.... So on we went. Hope you enjoy the set; I'm still traumatised. But the handcuffs were super, and I rather wanted to wear them all the way home.


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