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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel - Getting in Trouble

The photographer was a bit a sleaze-ball, that was obvious from the moment Ariel showed up at the shoot. But it was just a bit of art nude in the great outdoors, what could possibly go wrong? She started finding imaginative poses for him... she suspected that while he said he was shooting art nude, it was really just a way to ogle a naked girl. Nothing wrong with that of course...

"What do you think you are doing?" came the shout from the farmer. "It's an outrage to moral decency!" cried the farmer's wife, who was walking with him. "I say!" said the viar, who had joined them for their lunchtime stroll.

The photographer legged it. Abadoning Ariel, but grabbing his camera bag as he leaped over the stile, through the woods, and, she strongly suspected, back into his car and... wait... yes... there he goes... starting the engine and driving away.

Which rather left her to face the music, since her clothes were in his car, as were her shoes, as indeed were the keys to her car which she had foolishly left at the studio, accepting a lift with the photographer to the location.

"I say!" the Vicar said again. "That shamless hussy has no clothes on!"

"You go back to the farm house with the reverend, m'dear, and phone the constabulary. I'll make sure she doesn't make off like her accomplice!" said the farmer.

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