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Ariel Anderssen
VIDEO: Ariel's Foot Torture (Part One)

By popular members' request, Restrained Elegance is proud to present the first episode of Ariel's Foot Torture! Bastinado and barefoot torture are some of my very favouriate things, so it was long overdue to put Ariel to the test and see what she could take. How would the various punishments I had in store for her feel? Would the bastinado be more or less unbearable than the electric pinwheel? And how did it all feel to be on the receiving end?

In this first episode, Ariel and I decided to test the story that rhythmic, repeated, light strokes of a light cane on the soles of the feet can quickly become unbearable. Just in case the stories were true, I thought I'd better tie her down securely before getting started....

32.52 minutes (265.5 MB zip)

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