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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel – Ballerina

This is a set which was shot a couple of years ago, on a Restrained Elegance Nights shoot day. Which meant that the purpose of the shoot was to create some quite challenging work. And Restrained Elegance Nights sets are all based on my fantasies. I'd been thinking for a while that I'd really like to be tied up en pointe (standing on my toes, for those of you who aren't terribly interested in ballet) and this seemed an excellent opportunity to try. Standing on your toes, even with properly fitted ballet shoes, is rather painful. I suspected that being tied up so that it'd be difficult to come down from the en pointe position would be really, really tricky...

But why, I wondered, would anyone tie a ballerina up? And this is what I decided...

Miss Ariel Anderssen, prima ballerina of the Volorov Dance Company, had been skipping rehearsals. She'd got rave reviews after their recent performances of Coppelia, and she'd simply been too busy to worry about taking dance classes every morning with the rest of the company. Why bother, when a good massage would do exactly the same job of warming her muscles up every day? And anyway, she had photoshoots and interviews to go to, now that she was turning into a celebrity. On the second day of missing the morning warm-up, the company secretary telephoned her to see where she was. Ariel hung up on him - stupid man, he should be able to see that her spending time doing an interview with FU Magazine would be far better for the company in the long run, than being stuck in another boring class with all the lesser dancers?

On the third morning, at 9.30am, Ariel was waiting for her hairdresser to arrive. Instead, when she opened her front door, she was confronted by Jakkov Kaplinski, the company's truly terrifying choreographer. 'I'm not coming to class today!' said Ariel, trying (without success) to keep the discomfort out of her voice. She hadn't expected them to send anyone so important to deal with such a small matter!

'That much is clear' stated Jakkov. 'You've missed my classes for three days in a row, and when dancers are that rude, I come to their houses to conduct private tuition....'

Ariel was getting very tired. Her left foot was hurting immensely but the ridiculous tangle of ropes that the choreographer had seen fit to rig her up in made it impossible to rest it without stretching her right leg uncomfortably high. 'This' lectured Jakkov 'is why you must never stop training, not even for a day!' Your feet are sore now because they've lost their strength, and your legs are losing their flexibility too!. If you cannot discipline your own body, then I will do it for you. Every day if necessary.'

Ariel wailed. She was in a lot of pain, but mostly she was just boiling mad. How dare he be so ungrateful to her? How DARE he, when she'd performed his insanely difficult choreography, night after night? She deserved a holiday - a good long one! She wailed again, as loudly and agressively as she possibly could.

Jakkov, alas, was well prepared for this. He gagged her with a brutal looking piece of equipment which made her instantly (and infuriatingly) start drooling down her front. Then he hoisted her right leg even higher in the air and instructed her to run through some of the arm positions they'd been working on last week. She stared at him. Surely he couldn't expect her to remember them now? After observing her blank expression, he sighed, picked up another piece of rope, and began binding her hands. 'So, you can't even remember the simplest things from rehearsal last week? Then we'll abandon ballet training for now, and concentrate on punishment only. You'll remain tied like this until your body simply can't hold you up any longer. And then I think you'll start to understand that these classes are for your own good, NOT mine....'

Mmmm, being tied up and punished for my own good is one of my favourite things :)


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