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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel - Tally Ho!

Tally Ho! Shootin' and fishin' and huntin' are the only proper ways to fill one's time when one is idly rich and of the landed gentry, dontcha know? And so what if those grubby long-haired hippy types have said they are going to disrupt today's hunt? Dunkirk spirit and all that! Tally ho!

The hunt raced off. Then the hunt split off into a dozen different directions, lured hither and thither by the aniseed trails left by the hunt saboteurs. Ariel's horse seemed to take off in a direction all of its own- galloping through woods until she failed to duck one too many times and a particularly low-hanging branch knocked her unceremoniously base over apex. Her horse sped on regardless.

It was then she noticed the hunt saboteur standing over her. He wasn't at all grubby, and he was far from the skinny anemic hippy type she had imagined. In fact, he looked more like a solid rugger player.

He reached out a strong hand to help her up... she started to thank him, then squealed in a quite un-ladylike manner as he upended her and threw her over his shoulder! She kicked and struggled to no avail as he carried her to the nearby bridge where his fellows were waiting with a sack full of ropes.

"Here's one!" he called out to them. "Let's make a start on our snooty hunter collection!"

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