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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel - On The Driveway

Ariel had been tied to the tree for some hours. The rules of the Restrained Elegance mansion were very strict when it came to ornamental slavegirls on the driveway: they had to stay in position, tied so tight they couldn't move, in the full glare of the sun, until one of the Guests marked them for their own personal use that evening.

Several new Guests had arrived, strolling down the long driveway, inspecting each girl in turn. But not one of them had chosen Ariel so far. But wait- what's this! Oh no, he was stopping at the next slavegirl along, the one before Ariel. Surely he wasn't going to choose Sammie B! Ariel gave her most objectionable little cough of outrage at the very thought. How dare he!

Maybe the next one to come along would find her more to his fancy. Maybe he would take out the silk scarf from his pocket and gag her with it, to indicate that she was his choice for the evening. Then the groundsmen would come along and untie her, and take her to be bathed and prepared and sent to the suite of the guest whose colours she now wore....

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