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Ariel Anderssen
VIDEO: Ariel's Foot Torture (Part Four)


Question: what was the most requested form of torture for Ariel to undergo in 2009?

Answer: Being tied down and tickled!

I'd never tickled Ariel before, I just knew she hated it. Now was that a "methinks she doth protest too much" sort of submissive hate-but-love it? Or a really don't like it? Only one way to find out- the tickle torture test! Would she choose tickling over an alternative form of punishment, or would she weaken and admit that maybe tickling wasn't so bad after all, despite being "frivolous" (which is always Ariel's downfall, since she does so love being taken seriously... :-)

Hywel's Note: this episode and the next one are really two parts of the same scene, with Ariel having to choose between the electic zapper and tickle torture. I know that some people really don't like the more intense punishment stuff, so I decided to split the tickle-intensive part as a separate episode for you. For the rest of you who'd like to see how the scene progressed- watch this space, part five will be up very shortly!

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