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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel - Back to the Seventies!

Ariel and I shot this set last thing in the day in Sweden. The sun was low in the sky and the light was golden... and I really liked the way things looked back-lit. So Ariel put on a red satin dress and I clapped her in irons and led her our into the field. We got several very different sort of photos- silhouettes, glamour photos and some with super lens flare. All very reminiscent of the very best glamour photography from the 1970's, somehow!

On the technical side, this was the photoset that convinced me that we really had to move to shooting RAW. We were losing the light as the sun dipped lower and the shadow of the tall trees covered more and more of our lovely meadow. Shooting a bit too quickly, I ended up over-exposing. Probably only by half a stop, but enough to burn out details and cause some clipping on Ariel's skin in the golden light. I realised that shooting RAW instead of JPEG I might have still had clipped highlights in the clouds but I could probably have pulled back the skin tones more easily.

We originally started shooting JPEG for the site back when I got my first Canon D30 digital SLR. Raw processing software was in a very crude state at the time and I always ended up having to generate JPEGs to edit from anyway... and I figured why not get it right in camera? Also, when the site started daily updates around 2002 the pressure on disk space even with a JPEG workflow was considerable. I recall vividly having to buy an enterprise-grade eight drive rack mounted server for £6000 or so just to get 2 TB of disk... and the thing made a noise like concorde taking off, so had to be used judiciously as a backup only, with all the working files on smaller hard drives attached to the computers.

Fortunately, things have progressed a bit on that front. I now have about 30 TB of disk in my office, plus offsite backups, and much quieter and better behaved it is too! We've gone fromo 3.1 megapixels to 31 megapixels in cameras in that time, but the updates have stayed at one per day, and the software has now improved to the point where it makes no sense to shoot anything other than RAW. (In fact the new camera ONLY produces RAW!)

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