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Ariel Anderssen
VIDEO: Ariel's Foot Torture (Part Eight)

Fire And Ice

You may have noticed a theme of scientific experimentation running through Ariel's foot torture day. This is my fault, as I've recently introduced her to my very favourite TV show: Mythbusters. I think Ariel sees herself as a brave investigative journalist finding out the truth of all these BDSM myths :-)

This time we had a cracker to test, one which we'd both heard but hadn't really believed. The claim is that, when blindfolded and bound, you can use hot wax and icecubes on someone and after a while the sensations get so muddled and confused that they can't tell which is which any more. Would Ariel be able to tell the difference? We decided to find out. And would the fire and ice sensitise her feet, or confuse the sensations so much that she could no longer identify bastinado implements whilst blindfolded?

As you'll see, this took Ariel to the very edge of her endurance. What you can't see (because I stopped the cameras to untie her) is that I gave her lots of hugs and cuddles afterwards for being very brave. I know we usually only show the hot BDSM stuff in these videos- I just wanted to reassure everyone that yes, we do actually care for each other very much as well!

We recorded a little interview with her so she could tell you all about how her foot torture day had gone in her own words (see part nine for that).

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