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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel: Reverse Prayer Karada

Ariel Anderssen in self bondage karada reverse prayer... with added nipple clamps! Ariel commented:

'I'm never sure about self-bondage. In itself, it doesn't do much for me; I'm primarily submissive so my fantasies are all about other people doing stuff to me rather than me doing things to myself. But being ordered to tie myself into a karada; well, that's a lot more interesting! And I certainly loved the way the reverse prayer tie could be incorporated into the karada with a minimum of extra rope; I like elegant rope work. I don't know what the nipple clamps are doing in this set, to be perfectly honest. I'm sure it wasn't my idea! But I guess they need to be in the Lexicon too. These are the gentler type;- we use them for models who don't like clover-clamps, because these ones can be tightened to an absolute minimum, just enough to make them stay on without hurting. That's not how they were used in this set though - they can be tightened until they're really painful too!'

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