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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel: In Norway, Trolls Live Under Bridges!

Ariel decided to take a shortcut home from college; she was bored of the walk up the long straight road so she cut through the woods. She knew that the stupid gossip about a wild man who lived there couldn't be true - it was 2011, for heaven's sake!

After a few minutes, she came to a lovely old wooden bridge. Had she heard something about it before? Something to do with the wild man? She couldn't remember - and anyway, she had to cross the river at some point...

It all happened terribly fast. She was half way across when there was a terrible roar from behind her. Her heart froze in her chest and she whirled round, losing her balance as she did so. The man was absolutely huge; half-naked with matted, wild hair and a terrifying expression of hatred and - could it be - triumph? Suddenly, all those folk stories about trolls under the bridges seemed terrifyingly real...

Hywel's note: I had to leave IMG 1491 in, even though it is out of keeping with the mood of the set, just to show how much fun we were all having shooting this set, despite the cold and wind in Norway!

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