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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel: After The Fall

No-one knew it, but global warming wasn't caused by human greed and stupidity. It was caused by the manipulation of human greed and stupidity by those who had something to gain. A group in the shadows who wanted those shadows deepened, wanted the world plunged in a sultry twilight of overcast skies, risen oceans and scattered civilizations. Those who wanted to take to the streets in the perpetual gloom and feed. It was caused by the Vampires.

But some among their number lack the discipline to know when to stop feeding- and the plague got out of hand. The final fall of civilization came with fangs at each other's throats, as humans became extinct and the vampires were forced to fight and feed on each other in rubble and ruins. The Vampirism virus had finally broken loose, and no-one was spared.

Even membership of a strong gang wasn't enough to protect you if you were out scavanging for salvage in the ruins and you were caught by a strong rogue band. If they had chains and cuffs strong enough to bind you, you were theirs. Perhaps they would keep you alive and feed, or perhaps they would make you one of their gang- the hard way. The rough, hold-you-down, take you way....

Hywel's note: I know this is a fairly loony idea for a set, but it's my birthday today- indulge me! I wanted to play with a very different look and feel as a fun experiment :-)

72 pics 20.5 MB zip

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