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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel: Lady Caroline (Part One)

Caroline knew something was amiss when her fiancee, the Rt. Honourable Admiral Ponsonby Horatio, mentioned in one of his letters having "seen her ghost" on the docks at Port Au Prince. He claimed it was because he was missing her so much, but she knew there was a more sinister reason. Clearly, her plans would have to be brought forward. She hurried to London and took ship, bound for the Caribbean, the reach her fiancee as soon as possible. To reach him, and avert the disaster that her life would become if SHE was there!

The voyage was swift and smooth.. until the night of the full moon, when they had reached Caribbean waters. She awoke from her fitful dreams, knowing that something was amiss. What could it be? She was sure she had heard no noise to waken her... She realised that that was exactly it. She should have heard the watch bell toll the hour, but there had been silence. She crept out on deck, finding the ship quiet as the grave. Where were all the sailors?

"Hold it right there, you little bitch!" called an all-too-familiar voice from the darkness just behind her. "I have a pistol pointed at your pretty little heart, my dear. Get down on the deck. Face down!"

Swift, sure hands forced Carloine down onto the hard planks of the deck and swiftly tied her, wrist to ankle. For good measure, they stole her jewels. "That should hold her, lads" called the woman's voice from the shadows once again. "You go off and see what else you can loot. I want to catch up with my dear twin sister!"

"Henrietta, you evil, evil girl! I knew it was you!" cried Caroline.

"But of course! Who else, my darling girl, but your wicked evil twin? And all these lovely jewels... sent to you by your devoted fiancee I suppose? How fortunate for me that the Admiral talked of his darling bride-to-be to his men, and they spoke of it in a tavern, and the barkeep told it to me. What riches he must have! And soon, my dear, what riches will be mine!"

"You wicked girl! My darling will not be decieved! He will know you are not me, and he will not fall for any such subtefuge!"

"Oh, but dear Caroline, we are so, so alike! And you always know how good I was at pretending to be you... I'm sure he'll not suspect for an instant! And soon I will be Lady Caroline Horatio, and all the riches of the West Indes will be mine! But now, I must bif you adieu! I have to rush to meet my betrothed!"

And with that, Henrietta stepped over the struggling form of her sister to set the sails on her newly-acquired pirate ship for Port Au Prince and the unsuspecting Horatio....

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