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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel: Lady Caroline (Part Two)

Caroline struggled frantically in her bonds. She simply MUST get free! Otherwise her horrible evil twin sister, Henrietta, would ensnare and entrap her fiancee in her coils, walk up the aisle in the mistaken belief that he was marrying Caroline, and Henritta would end up with riches, power, influence AND an Admiral for a husband! It simply could not be countenanced! She had to make good her escape!

Fortunately, although Herietta fraternised with the pirates, she was not much of a seaman herself. Her knots were tight, but badly placed... and while Henrietta was setting the sails and plotting a course, Caroline managed to slip free!

There was only one thing to do. She had to delay Henrietta for long enough to make it to shore, to dear Ponsonby Horatio and safety! She could see that the ship's boat was a small rowing boat, one she could lower into the water and paddle to safety. But she had to delay pursuit for long enough to make good her escape.

She waited until the ship was under way and the pirates were largely snoring, encouraged by the stolen rum from the ship which had bourne Caroline across the ocean. Henrietta had always been the rougher, stronger of the twins, but never before had Caroline been so angry, or so desperate. She knew she simply had to take her sister by surprise and overcome her... perhaps one of the pirates had been careful, and left a loaded pistol on deck? Yes! There! Quickly, she grabbed the gun and made for the wheel. There was Henrietta, her back turned!

She tied her sister tight, knowing that even her shouts were unlikely to awaken the besotted pirates. She slipped into the rowing boat and set off for shore, praying the she would make it in time to save her darling from the fate worse than death of being married to her sister! But it would be such a long way to row....

An hour later, she spied a light in the distance. Could it be the shore, already? As she grew closer it became clear that it was another ship... but a ship flying the red Ensign, the flag of the Royal Navy in the Caribbean... it was her fiancee's flagship! She was saved! And she would tell Ponsonby that a vile pirate ship lay but a few miles west, its Captain bound, its sailors drunk! And vile Henrietta would finally get what she deserved, to be clapped in irons!

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