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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel: Shouldering the Rifle

Although we've been producing bondage photos for over a decade, we've mostly stuck to the Western bondage forms (the ones that start off with the lark's head knot - see our recent video tutorial). The other main tradition in common use is the Japanese Shibari style. We decided it was high time we started drawing on some ideas from there as well.

I should hasten to add that Restrained Elegance isn't going to become a Shibari site. It would be presumptuous of us to try claim anything we starting playing with as "proper" shibari anyway! What we want to do is draw inspiration from the Japanese art by picking and choosing particular things that fit in our elegant glamour bondage style.

We recently spent an interesting day with Dave and Clover from where they showed us some of the basics of their bondage style. As you can see, their photographic and bondage style is very much along the Japanese line, and we had a great day, going away with lots of inspiration for ideas to try.

This set was the first one we shot to practice some of the things we learned. The basic form is called "Teppo", I believe, named in reference to the position one adopts when shouldering a rifle slung over the back. We hope you like it- it was great fun to combine that basic idea with the "off the shoulder" dress rope design which Ariel really liked!

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