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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel: Flogged at Noon

Ariel writes:

"On location in Spain, we looked around the villa when we first arrived to see where we'd most like to shoot. Our very kind hosts came round with us, pointing out bits we might not have noticed, and giving us their ideas. ' Oooh, and we do have a whipping cross!' one of them suddenly exclaimed.

Seriously? We were staying at a villa that caters for couples who want a tranquil, adults-only holiday in the hills of Southern Spain. And they had a whipping cross? I hesitantly asked why they had such a thing (always hoping to meet fellow BDSM players, naturally!) and it seemed it had been left by the previous owner, and they'd kept it 'just in case' anyone staying there wanted to try it!

And we certainly did. Normally, when we shoot anything with BDSM action in it, we choose video, but it was nice to try to capture action for stills, and I really hope that those of you who like corporal punishment as much as I do enjoy seeing a context-free whipping scene, all ready to construct your own fantasy around. In my head, I was the disgraced but much loved slavegirl, hoping to win her Master's affection back by offering to be flogged for letting him down...'

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