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Heidi Harper
Heidi: I'm ready and waiting...

Friday! Thank goodness! Home from work, kick off the shoes, unbutton the work blouse, slip it off, then the skirt (which was not entirely regulation for the office, but she thought she'd got away with it!) Then slip off the bra, slide down the panties, and have a look what is in the bondage drawer this week!

Oh! Handcuffs and leg irons! Well, game for anything, let's give them a go!

Heidi plays with the cuffs a while, imagining all the things that could happen to her wearing them. Then she locks herself to the bed. She knows she has to be quite strict, so she stretches herself from corner to corner of the bed. Damn it, even with the chain on the leg irons it won't quite reach. But stretched out like that would feel so sexy! Aha! The second pair of handcuffs could go around the bed post! Better text him now, might not be able to once the cuffs click shut!

"I'm here babe, waiting for you on the bed :) Get home soon!! ;-)"

She knows he won't leave her in this position, he'll put her in something much more stringent as soon as he gets home. And there wasn't a gag in the drawer, but she's willing to bet that a big mouth-filling ballgag will make an appearence very soon after he gets home....

Please welcome stunning new model Heidi Harper to Restrained Elegance!

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