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Heidi Harper
VIDEO: Heidi - Robbed in Fur

Rich bitch Heidi has made a few enemies, and someone has obviously tipped off a mobster that the house is full of designer handbags, jewellry and ill-gotten gains. The staged break-in could have been done while Heidi was out, but so much more satisfying to do it when she's in... that way you get to chain her up and humiliate her! Of course the burglar needs time to get away, and doesn't want a possible burglary rap to rather up by any misadventure coming to Heidi. A conundrum! Then the answer came- handcuffs, two pairs, behind the back, and leg irons to the sofa. If she slipped the key into the top of Heidi's stockings, she could probably bank on having at least an hour to make good her escape before the girl got herself free...

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