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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel: Globe Cuff Strappado

Ariel endures a cruel globe cuff chain strappado, product of the evil imagination of Restrained Elegance member Sheep, in this set from one of our bondage photography tutorials!

Hywel's Note: we spent a while on this idea looking at the effects of colour temperature on the look and feel. The set was lit with deliberately mixed colour temperature, putting a blue gel over the main light from the front. I've processed the set twice, showing the range of effects you can generate playing around with this. In the "spooky" blue versions, everything is very dramatic and cinematic- like something out of a horror film. If you process the same images with a much higher colour temperature, you get something with a more traditional glamour warm glow, even if the shadows remain cold. Which is better? Neither. They're both perfectly good artistic choices, and ones it helps to know how to create!

80 pics 7.95 MB zip

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Price: $6.99 Per Zip File