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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel: Put Out

Lord Fortesque sometimes despaired of his Lady wife. Most of the time she was pleasant, if a little caustic, company. She was ever so busy with her charity work, when she wasn't arranging the village fete or seeing to the kennels. But there rarely seemed to be anything left of the passionate young lady he had married, less than a decade ago. She seemed so... distant. Pre-occupied. It was enough to make a chap suspect she might have lost interest- or even be hob-nobbing with the rough trade who visited the estate. Lord Fortesque determined to confront her, have the matter out. Find out if she was still his gal, and why she was so cold towards him.

Lady Fortesque was to be found in the library, reading one of those ghastly lifestyle magazines she so liked (but failed to realised marked haer as an irredeemably middle-class social climber). She seemed most put out by the whole confrontation, especially when he tied her to the chair to make sure he had her full attention for a change. Well, he thought to himself, if she only WOULD put out, that would solve the matter! So he tied her with her legs wide open, to continue the discussion....

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