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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel: Tied in the Meadow

On day 2 in Norway, it briefly became warm enough for us to slow down our frantic pace and enjoy ourselves. Katy and Steve lay down (separately!) in the grass, and Hywel tied me up. This happens less often than you'd maybe expect on location trips - he's often too busy overseeing lighting and checking memory cards to do the rigging himself. So it's a lovely treat for me when he does. Even though he tied one of my very least favourite ties. I don't find many things genuinely humiliating - but the 'waitress' tie is one of those things that makes me feel embarrassed. I don't want to be a waitress. I want to be a famous model! I said as much to Hywel, who produced a great big ball gag and strapped it tightly into my mouth. Hmmph. What was I saying about liking it when he tied me up?

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