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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel: Kill Belle

Ariel writes:

Oh Lol, Lol, Lol. Here is a set from my second shoot for Restrained Elegance, so about 9 years old. At my first shoot, I hadn't known anything about makeup yet so was hardly wearing any in the shots. By my second shoot, I'd discovered black eyeshadow, and thought I knew everything about makeup as a result. So, first of all, sorry about that!

Hywel's delayed using this set on the site, even though I loved it. I don't think he likes it much; and having a look at it now, I can totally see why. I get to wear my (ghastly, strippers) shoes for the WHOLE set! And I win the fight and do dommely faces into the camera. Extraordinary. Nevertheless, I hope you might enjoy it; I do remember it being terribly hot to shoot at the time because my displacement activity for BDSM had been stage fight through my time as a student, so my relationship to combat remains rather sexual. I still have the jumpsuit :)

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