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Ariel Anderssen
VIDEO: Ariel does the laundry - Nude in Metal

A year or so ago we had an idea for a new series called Nude in Metal. In this fantasy world, some girls like to go around nude and in metal bondage. It's a fashion or a lifestyle, the same way being a goth, a punk, a skater, a boho chick or being a naturist is in our world.

We thought of all the things we could have the girls doing, all the situations they could find themselves in. All the things that they might have to do, hindered by their fashion choice. Like hanging out the laundry naked, locked in a heavy steel yoke and with leg irons on.

This was the first scene we shot, a test of concept if you like. Ariel cursed me a bit under her breath because while it was definitely possible to do the job in the metalwork, it was neither comfortable nor easy. I didn't have a problem with that- people make life difficult for themselves in all sorts of ways through their fashion choices!

For a while we thought we might turn this into a new website. But as the shoots progressed we realised that everything we were shooting could be equally at home on Restrained Elegance.

Running another website is a lot of work, and although I admit a bit of extra revenue would be welcome as the worldwide recession is still dragging on, in the end it just seemed so at home on RE we decided to go for that.

So here we are: the first of our new series, Nude in Metal!

06.49 minutes (272.5 MB zip)

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