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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel: A Salutary Lesson

She hadn't done anything wrong. She was a very obedient and attentive sub, possibly a little too much so. There was, dare they say it, a chance that she was just a little too willing to please. A little too... well... boring. The one thing she definitely did not like was pain. And therefore she had to be taught that she would receive it. Not because she had been badly behaved, indeed, her own behaviour was entirely irrelevant. She would receive it because it gave her owners pleasure to see her take it.

Hywel's note: Poor Ariel. She's my favourite model of all time (obviously) and she works very hard on shoot days, doing whatever jobs might be useful- not just the rigging, but every other little job that crops up on the day. The one thing she really hates is being the domme on screen. I'm sorry that I sometimes have to make her play that role for the cameras... because the only other alternative would be her shooting the photos. She says, with complete justification, that the camera is too heavy for her to use for anything more than one or two shots. And besides, the photography is my actual job. So thank you Ariel, and I'm sorry that the only way you can cope is by doing loony domme faces or trying to pretend it isn't happening in your head!

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