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Ariel Anderssen
VIDEO: Ariel - Imperial Introductions

It's a fabulous business. All you have to do is to introduce people to aristocrats. There are plenty of people, mostly foreigners, who will pay good money to meet a Duke or a Duchess while they are in the country. And really, these people wouldn't know a real aristocrat when they met one- so all Ariel had to do was gather together Max, Jocasta, Emily and Frank, her posh friends from school, and introduce them as whichever big-wig the client wanted to meet.

Very lucrative!

Except that the last client she sent out to the "Duchess" turns out to have been a most singular sort of hit-man, and he was not pleased to discover that his prospective victim was just one of Ariel's school chums. He's tracked her down, and is poised to surprise her at her office, ready to wreak his awesome revenge!

And what sort of hit-man is he? Why, a Flogging and Tickling Bondage hit-man. And he is all too ready to turn the tools of his trade on Ariel's helpless soles, armpits, flanks, between her toes... anywhere! Everywhere!

16.12 minutes (532.5 MB zip)

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