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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel & Sophia: The Wife and the Mistress

What does one do when one drops in to one's hunting lodge en passant and finds what can only be described as a stockings-and-suspender clad harlot ensconced in one's hall? Apparently waiting for one's husband to pay her a visit and give her a stiff donation to the cause.

Of course, one is not having it. One reaches for the ropes and trusses up the little floozy, then marches off to confront one's cad of a husband with the evidence of his crime. Only to find that the bounder has caught whiff of it on the wind and made himself scarce.

I suppose one cannot leave a girl trussed up like that for too long. It's political correctness gone mad, but one ought to untie her and see her off the estate. Possibly set the dogs on her.

Imagine one's surprise upon discovering that not only had the strumpet slipped one's ropes, but that she was lying in wait for one's return with the importunate intention of returning the compliment by tying one up in front of one's own fireplace! One has never been so outraged in one's entire life!

Hywel's note: shot reh_20131121_1283278.jpg is my favourite behind the scenes shot of Ariel. Ever. If you ever want to know what she is really like as a person, this shot shows you the level of weird I have to put up with on a daily basis! ;-)

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