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Ariel Anderssen
VIDEO: Ariel - Ariel Owes Money! Cinematic version

Ariel owes loan shark Mr. Jones a considerable amount of money, and he's sent a hired thug around to her house to extract it from her....

This film was shot as an experiment in shooting a bondage video in a properly cinematic style. We wanted to see how the film would look if we really did our best to shoot it as we would a mainstream low budget indie film. I wanted to compare and contrast it with shooting the same storyline in the classic "two cameras" website video style.

We learned a great deal from the exercise- you can see a bit more here: Making Videos More Cinematic.

I do have to apologise that in doing so we cut down the bondage shots way beyond what we'd normally do for Restrained Elegance. In our usual films, the bondage shots are held for a long time to really savour them. But in the modern cinematic style one only holds a shot long enough to figure out what's going on. When new things stop happening in the shot, it is time to cut to the next shot. This compression of time is part of what makes a mainstream film so exciting to watch. So I decided to stick to the brief I'd set myself and cut the bondage shots down to the essentials, too. It makes the story move at a good pace, but it does mean there's not as many lingering closeups and cool struggling shots as I usually like to see. I hope you'll find it fun and interesting nonetheless!

06.08 minutes (194.5 MB zip)

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