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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel: Bent Over Kneeling Strappado

This position is one of the 'elementary' combinations of legs bound to keep the subject on her knees, arms bound behind (here with a single rope at the wrists) and a rope elevating the arms to produce the strappado. It is great utility in convincing a recalcitrant slavegirl to correctly honour her owner, with her mouth being placed at a very convenient height for the purpose of paying that homage. The stringency and degree of distress produced can be considerable, depending on the elevation of the strappado. The variant shown here binds the legs together and keeps them bent; an obvious variation to allow the subject slightly greater range of movement would be to tie the legs in frog-tie.

As with all strappados, its feasibility depends on the shape and flexibility of the subject; those with narrow shoulder and long arms will find it relatively easy, whereas those with broader or more muscular shoulders and short arms may be unable to assume the position at all. As always, one must assess the suitability and sustainability of the tie for your particular valued possession before applying it!

Ariel says: "Favourite! I love the economical rope-work, but most of all I love how strappados make me feel; so vulnerable, and with my shoulders under so much pressure. I always feel as though something really terrible/wonderful is about to happen to me in this tie! "

Hywel's note: I know this set is a little short- sometimes a position is too stressful to hold for long, especially when Ariel can't actually do much in the way of finding alternative poses. Don't worry- there will be a bonus set up tomorrow in case you're worried the number of photos today is a little low.

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