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Tillie: The New Slavegirl (Part One)

We love getting commissions. It's so much fun trying to bring someone else's story to life for them, trying to make it something that's even better than they originally imagined because we can use the talents of actress, rigger and photographer to bring something more to it whilst staying faithful to the brief.

The storyline for this series of photos was simple enough- a new slavegirl is unpacked from a cage ready to begin her new life in the house of her new master. We shot things a bit like that before. It was the details and the things we had to focus on that made it a fun challenge to bring to life. The writer wanted us to show a lot of the slave girl getting dresses and undressed, see how her expressions changed, playing dress-up and teasing her new owner.

He had detailed (but realistic) ideas of how we wanted her to look and act, and he was kind enough to buy the exact outfits and send them for us to shoot, which always makes it easier for us because we don't have to guess the sort of thing the writer has in mind.

We couldn't quite shoot the whole thing as planned- there was picnic sequence in the middle which would have been tricky to shoot in summer and which definitely wasn't going to happen in Britain at the end of October!

Anyway, enjoy part one, wherein our new slavegirl is unpacked from her shipping cage, briefly flrist with the notion of going all riding-crop domme (understandable given the sexy slinky PVC outfit she's been issued with) before being firmly put in her place by that over-riding symbol of submission- the big fat red ball-gag!

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