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VIDEO: Ariel & Tillie - Witness Protection

"I'll sure be glad when we reach the safe-house! Those gangsters have really got me scared!"

"Don't worry miss, we're professionals. Do this all the time, never lost a witness yet. Now if you can just slip your clothes off for me, I've got these blouses for us both to put on. Distracts the gangsters, not sure which of us is which you see. Oh, and we'll have to handcuff you as well. Confuses them. Can't tell if you're a witness or a defendant. Oh, and we've had problems with the vehicles being bugged in the past, so to make sure you can't let anything slip it is best if we gag you. No, don't worry, the lips drawn the gag are all part of the plan, it confuses face recognition software no end!"

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