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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel: How to make a ship's prow?

Ariel and I have tried several variations on the idea of making a girl into a figurehead, a live statue for a ship's prow. I think overall this is my favourite attempt- using the "waitress" arm position, with Ariel's elbows forced behind her by the cross-bar coming from the main pole, means she has no choice but to adopt the slight forward lean that's so characteristic of real ship's prows.

It does have a downside- her feet were flat on the ground as she leaned forward, which I don't like as much as when she's forced up onto tip-toe. We didn't think we could quite rig a rope harness to the pole to take her weight- probably could have if I'd put a collar on the pole just above her bum and used it to take her weight in a sit harness. But I didn't think of that in time. So NEXT time we have a pole set up, poor Ariel is going to be in a semi-suspended version of this tie, which just the very tips of her toes touching the floor. Or even a completely suspended version where her feet are kicked back, forcing a nice toe-point and offering complete access to her soles without allowing her to take any weight... hmmmmmm!!

I'm not quite sure whose idea it was to add the nipple clamps. But I think you'll agree they set the whole thing off to a T. I imagine the captain of the pirate ship sentencing his cabin girls to a spell on the ship's prow if they don't pleasure him well enough....

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