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Marianne in Blue

She had this one fail-safe cure for the blues. The one thing that really lifted a crappy week. There was a bit of unpleasant medicine to take of course, but no medicine ever did you any good if it didn't taste a bit nasty at first. That's what she keeps telling herself as the rope bites deeper and deeper into her crotch with each shift in position. Of course, the fact that he's holding on to the rope the other side of the pulley means he can make sure she's got a constant pressure right where he wants it. He may seem disinterested, sat there idly tugging at the rope with one hand, smoothing the newspaper over the table with the other. He doesn't seem to be reading the newspaper... and she wonders what he has in mind that requires newspaper to stop something dripping onto the tabletop. She'll find out soon enough.

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