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Gemma Craven
Gemma in Black

At Mrs. Prodworthy's Finishing School for Young Ladies, there are certain rules. Young Ladies are not allowed to smoke cigarettes. Young Ladies are not allowed to receive visitors without a chaperone being present. They most certainly are not allowed to wear outfits that reveal their knees- let alone revealing the tops of forbidden stockings! Mrs. Prodworthy deals with infractions of these rules very strictly. So when a particular young lady breaks all of these rules in the one evening, you can be sure that Mrs. Prodworthy will make sure the young lady knows all about it. But what a dilemma- this young lady has shown a distressing indifference to the strap, the tawse, even the cane! In fact she even seems to go out of her way to break the rules and invite further punishment! What can you do with a young lady like that?

It isn't easy being a bondage photographer. (I can hear the laughter from here- I didn't say it wasn't FUN, OK?) You have to keep coming up with twisted ideas on how to tie up the most beautiful women in the world. So you have to experiment from time to time. Gemma christened this position the sailboat! It is just a spreader bar, attached to her wrists, which goes between her legs and is tied to the ceiling hooks, with another rope to her waist and ankles. Gemma could sort-of shuffle, and bend over and straighten up, but otherwise she was really not going anywhere. So from a practical standpoint it was a success: the "Restrained" part was fine. I am not so sure about the "Elegance" part though! What do you think? It was quite good fun though- and now I think about it there would have been nothing she could do if we'd decided to tickle her... so one to bring out when it is kinky playtime!

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