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Bianca: #GameOfSlaves: College Reunion

Bianca was a little surprised to get the email from Angelica and Carrie about the class reunion. As SHE had clearly been the most popular girl in the class, led every social activity, why hadn't the department contacted her to organise it? Why leave it to two little mice like Angie and Carrie? They hadn't ever been good sports about anything... and they only graduated two years ago, seemed a bit soon for a reunion. Still, she'd read that Carrie had got a deal as a director, probably she just wanted to crow about having made it. Well, of course, Bianca had made it even bigger, but she liked to believe she didn't go on about that. And surely Angie had forgotten about those humiliating little practical jokes by now.

"Oh of course, I'd love to come! Can't wait to see everyone again! Thanks for thinking of me... " went the reply.

The deserted nightclub was a bit worrying. Bianca was fashionably late, of course. Could everyone else possibly be fashionably later than her? Ah, there were Angie and Carrie, at least. And a few techies she didn't recognise. And a big tray full of champagne! Bianca gulped down a glass, then a second. Then the drug hit her system, she passed out, and Angie and Carrie got to work tying her up on stage.

#GameOfSlaves: You have found the signal. Welcome to Mistress Angelica's lair! I know that usually we only feature willing participants in the Game, but tonight we present for your enjoyment our revenge on a girl who made our lives living hell for three years. We present to you the humiliation of Bianca!

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