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Aideen - Look what I found!

Look what I found in that mouldy old antique shop in town! Some really cool old-style handcuffs, darby cuffs I think they call them. And they were only a few pounds! I wonder if they were used on some dashing desperado or highwayman hundreds of years ago? Well, maybe not hundreds of years ago... they are still quite shiny. Maybe they were the sort of things the suffragettes chained themselves to the railings with? Or that manly sheriffs in the Wild West used to restrain unruly wanton ladies of the night who were getting out of hand and needed putting in their place? Mmmmm, I'd like you to be a manly sheriff and put me in my place... c'mon honey, don't go to work this morning, stay in and put me in my place, please?

Hywel's Note: This photoset is the first shot for me by photographer Iain T. (click here to find out a bit about Iain).

I should probably explain how that came about. I've been shooting for Restrained Elegance for over seven years, and my workload has steadily climbed as the site has grown. It has been especially marked since we started tackling more ambitious "feature film style" videos, each episode of which can take a day or two to edit. In the meantime, I've been recruiting people to help out behind the camera, with Kate regularly taking lots of shots on location trips, Steve doing lots of shoots in the studio, Ariel scripting and directing many of the videos, Chanta rigging, and help from various people who've come to the photo tutorials like Merlin, Svampen and others with sets and shoots and all sorts.

But up until now most of the shoots have at least been organised, produced, directed and usually had the lighting or cinematography done by me.

I figured it was time to try to commission a small number of sets from a small number of photographers who I know and whose work I'd like- just having one or two sets a month shot by other people would free up a bit more of my time for the video editing, and besides... after seven years, I'm really quite keen to see a few other people's interpretation of the "brief" of shooting for Restrained Elegance, and they will have access to models and locations that would be quite a trek for me to use. Iain is based in Scotland, for example, so Aideen is local to him; I was thinking of shooting with her myself but the logistics of getting her down to Reading were not so easy.

As always I should add a note of reassurance. This does not mean that there are going to be changes to the Restrained Elegance style or philosophy or that I am "giving up" the photography. The vast majority will be shot by me or rigged and lit by me and shot by Kate/Steve/Merlin/etc as at present, and I'm giving pretty strict instructions for what I want shot for the site by the guest photographers. I just fancied seeing what a few other photographers whose I like and whose work I liked could do if asked to shoot a few sets for the site... and if it works out, it might even free up a little of my time to work on more ambitious film-style videos :-)

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