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Bex White
Bex: Tonight, Can We Try Bondage?

Her husband always texted her when he finally got to enter "Home" in the Satnav and turn the car around for the long trip back. And usually he had a sexy suggestion or two for her. Today's was especially exciting- they'd been talking about it for ages and they were finally going to take the plunge- they were going to try bondage!

On her way back form work she called into the lingerie shop in town. She knew it had sparkly riding crops and silk bondage "ropes". That seemed like a gentle way to give bondage a try! It turned out he had other ideas. He'd been shopping too, and his idea of bondage gear was hemp rope from the best bondage rope supplier in the world. He wanted to see her tied up tight, not playing some fake bondage game like Fifty Shades! But the black silk she'd bought gave him a great idea- why not use one as a blindfold? It would complement the bit gag he'd bought perfectly....

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