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Bex White
Bex White: The Snow Princess and the Fire Giants

There's a lot of Princesses on Restrained Elegance this month. Sorry for those who prefer their bondage gritty and downbeat- there's something about the romantic fairytale bondage stories that keep me coming back for more!

Here is the stunning Bex White, expertly portraying the damsel-in-distress Snow Princess who has been captured by the eternal foes of the gods, the Fire Giants. Will the Aesir send the might wielder of Mjolnir to rescue the maiden, and prevent the wicked giants from having their way with her?

Well, not in my version of the story. Sorry. In my version, if the hero does come to the rescue, it's always a little bit too late. And often the maiden decides she prefers the rather dashing and daring evil villain to the boring old hero anyway!

It's funny how some models and actresses naturally favour certain roles. Bex is great as a feisty struggler or smouldering BDSM lover, but there's just something about the way she portrays the damsel-in-distress role that really melts the heart.

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