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Marianne: Businesswoman's new position

Her CV showed great imagination... it was a beautifully written and stylishly presented pack of lies! Her fatal mistake was quoting her previous employer as a reference when pushed. I wondered why she hadn't she hadn't given references up front- one afternoon-long phone call to her previous boss was extremely illuminating! Far from being the much-loved director of media relations, she'd been the office bitch- thoroughly loathed by everyone, directing nothing at all and leaving all the work to her hard-pressed staff. All the triumphs on her CV were done in spite of her, not because of her! Her ex-boss was only too happy to fill me in on all the details... and we cooked up a plan between us to teach Marianne the error of her ways. She seemed a little non-plussed at the interview when I challenged her over some of the more spectacular lies on her CV. However, when I invited her previous boss into the interview room to comment, "stunned" seemed like a more apt description. She had suffered much more at Jessie's hands than I had, so it seemed only fair to let her take revenge! Nice heavy metal shackles, locked and inescapable. A light but strong chain to the ceiling, to stop her going anywhere. A cloth to clean the floor with- office scrubber, seemed more like her level than media director!
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