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Marianne and The Mob

The dame had trouble running through her veins like petrol through a clapped out Chevy. She hung around the bars downtown, looking for anyone who'd buy her a drink. Her eyes promised paradise, but Micky made sure the closest you to Heaven on Earth was a quick feel before he sapped you. Pretty soon the word was out- drink with Dahlia and wake up with a cracked skull and an empty wallet. She and Micky drifted around from spot to spot, never quite moving on quick enough. Micky made friends, useful friends. Dahlia got them hot under the collar, led them on and they had to move again. Only this time they really didn't move quick enough. Dahlia flirted with this trick, didn't seem like much special. The trick heated up, like steam was about to blow from his funnel. Old Micky stepped up to give the trick the bad news, pulled the sap. Only Charlie the Knife doesn't let a little thing like a raging hard-on stop him doing his job. Micky and Dahlia had messed around one too many mobster in the last spot they played. Tonight, Charlie the Knife was here to educate them.

Charlie took out Micky like he was standing still. Blood everywhere, but he'd live. Probably. The real argument was with the Dame. Micky was just the muscle. Dahlia did the damage.

Dahlia had had men fight over her before, and Micky was a loser. This new trick, he had a pole in his pants that stuck out a Georgia mile. A raging cock doesn't think so good. She was confident that she's twist him, like she'd twisted Micky. The knife vanished, and out came the ropes. So he liked to play games, games Dahlia knew how to win. She didn't struggle too much when he tied her up. Better to play along and go for the throat later, when he was really fit to burst a vein from the throbbing.

The barhounds cheered as Charlie strung her up and started to whip her. A bit of public humiliation, no great deal. When he was done he promised her he'd see her later... and walked out.

Dahlia was intrigued, I guess, by the way Charlie the Knife just left. Guys didn't usually leave Dahlia hanging like that. When she got free of the ropes, she walked out the bar and headed for her hotel room. She wasn't expecting Charlie to be there waiting for her. He jumped her as she flicked on the light switch, bound her to a chair.

"You got off lightly, bitch. Don't go crossing no mobsters, it isn't good for your health."

He brought out the spiked paddle. That was going to make a mess. He decided not to spoil her face... this time. But it would be a week before she could walk without wincing at every step.

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