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Iryna Lesbian Lecturer

Yeh I'm sure she's a lesbian! Haven't you seen her oggling my tits when she's supposed to be teaching us about accounting procedures and quarterly profit reports? And let's face it if you are a lesbian lecturer wouldn't YOU try to get a job in a ladies-only college? You betcha. Well anyway we'll know for sure in about five minutes. Spiked the bitch's coffee with a little something. A strong aphrodisiac actually. Didn't like her giving me a D minus for that last essay. Should be funny. I reckon she's got the hots for about half the class, wonder who she's going to go for? God look at the sad old tart pouting and showing her tits off... Uh Oh! Heads up! It's the principal! Nahh, don't worry girls, I spiked her tea too. Of course she's a dyke too you dumbass! Where did she get that rope from, eh? Well yeh I suppose she has got a point telling her off for showing her tits like that, but tying her to the chair? Who'da thought we had a KINKY dyke principal?? Yeh you're right. That aphrodisiac was the real stuff- worth every penny for this show! Hey, the principal really does have some kinky gear doesn't she? That a ballgag she's just stuffed Miss Iryna's mouth with? Yeh thought so. Oh... now she's undressing her! Coool! Make sure you don't miss a moment of this on your phones girls, this video is our ticket to first class honours degrees! ...
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